1920s Berlin Project 2nd anniversary in Second Life

On Monday 18th July 2011 starting from 12pm SLT the 1920s Berlin Project in Second Life will be celebrating it’s 2nd anniversary next week. The team are currently organising a little party to celebrate 2 years in the virtual world of Second Life.

July the 18th 2009 the 1920s Berlin Project opened its doors!

We have come a long way, the city has changed and still is changing but so are the people who live there.

Berlin has gathered some amazing people who all together make this sim one of the strongest and amazing communities in SL.

Without you this sim would not have made it this far.

We will be celebrating our anniversary on monday the 18th of july.
And this year the events will be a surprise… we are not telling you what we have in store…

You’ll just have to show up and see!

We start our celebrations at noon and we hope that you will be there.

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4 thoughts on “1920s Berlin Project 2nd anniversary in Second Life

  1. Hm, i went there with a black and white retro dress and some wachtmeister told me it wasn’t 20′ Very weird. I came to the conclusion that the overall experience isn’t really realistic.

    Not because of the remark to me, but what i see is a mis interpretation. It seems a very American way of looking at it. The European 20’s (Weimar) was indeed different from the American ’20’s look. I was informed a historic consultant had been involved. This was a surprise to me as i could not really see it. My family is German and i am well aware of that era.
    Especially during that Weimar decade the women dressed very more open, the brassiere had been introduced, far above knee skirts (and even mini), fishnet nylons et cetera.

    In America, short and open dresses were less done. think i may have to do with the more puritane look at it from the other side of the pond.

    But anyway, the sim is claimed to be successful, but very strict on their way of looking at European 20’s which is a bit off when it comes to outfits. But perhaps it’s just play there.

    But realistic? Sorry, no not when it comes to dressing i’m affraid. A-typical, yes that it is.


  2. Are you not going a bit over the top LB?
    Finding forum posts 2 months old on blogs to describe how you were ejected for wearing a modern miniskirt?
    I am glad you also post a link to the forum so everyone can read our ‘chat’ there.


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