Rod Humble interviewed by The Mark

There was a good conversation going on during a recent interview with Rod Humble and The Mark about Building a ‘Second Life’. This interesting article was written by Rod Humble in which he talks about all things Second Life. Since mid January 2011 Rod Humble’s interviews have been really fascinating and positive in many ways. What are your thoughts?

Here are some good quotes from this interview:

Page 1:

We sort of have an older crowd; mid-40s range. I think that’s interesting as well – that the tone is pretty different from something that’s aimed at teenagers. 

There have been a series of high-profile people, from the head of Facebook to the Pope, talking about how social media should be about centering the individual 

I think that one of the healthiest things that technology can do is actually help us develop the different dimensions of ourselves that we portray in different situations. 

One of the most interesting things is that we get a lot of real-world events being replicated in Second Life. We have raves, and things like that, but we have current affairs as well.

I think one of the best things Second Life has given us is the opportunity to explore new frontiers. There aren’t any great, unexplored frontiers in the world anymore.

Page 2:

That Second Life enables you to be creative, and to share your creativity with other people, is incredibly positive.

 The obvious areas are commercial. That’s already happening in some ways. Lots of companies, such as clothing companies, have showrooms within Second Life. We also have a lot of architects who use Second Life.

Linden Labs hasn’t moved on this at all, but at some point we’ll probably partner with Google Maps or something. 

Should we help people build up a 3-D version of the real world? The community surprises me every single day, so I’m hesitant to put a stamp on the future. One of the most exciting things is that I really don’t know what will happen down the road.

 At some point, a new idea is going to take shape, and it’s going to spread far more easily through this online system that we have. 


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