Linden Lab not releasing SL8B statistics

On 28th June I asked Linden Lab about this year’s SL8B statistics and apparently they will not be releasing any statistics for SL8B which is very disappointing. In previous years the lab have at least given the SL community some statistics and this year it appears they don’t want to give that info out. I think SL8B had a good attendance this year and everyone had a good time during the birthday celebrations.

This is what I managed to find relating to SL8B stats from 27th June 2011.

  • SL8B Sims: 21 regions
  • SL8B Stages: 5
  • SL8B Greeters members: 118
  • SL8B Exhibitor members: 1, 104
  • SL8B Birthday group members: 908
  • Exhibits: Over 300 with 700 people building them
  • Performers: Over 300 live performers
  • Linden Guests: Kim Linden, Rodvik Linden, Esbee Linden, Lexie Linden, Ringo Linden, Michael Linden & Esbee Linden
  • Prim limit: 234 prims
  • Maturity ratings: General
  • Pod tour duration: 30 minutes
The SL8B sims now look like this after everything was returned this week. I’m looking forward to SL9B and SL10B which should be interesting.


4 thoughts on “Linden Lab not releasing SL8B statistics

  1. Is Linden Lab the least open, least transparent, least honest with it’s customers, company on earth? Or are we just more aware of its always self-serving posture because we pay more attention to LL than we do to all the other self-serving corporations?


  2. No they’re far from it, Vaneeesa. The Lab is no more than usually secretive for a business (more so in some areas and less so in others) – but we expect far more from them and we’re extremely sensitive to any situation where the amount of information we’re given is reduced.


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