LL SL Forums & Answers posts are declining each month

It looks like the amount of total SL Forums/SL Answers posts are slowly declining, according to the daily Forum Post Counts site which tracks post counts for each SL site. Perhaps we may see good growth later in the year with all the new features Linden Lab have been/yet to come features into the official Second Life Forums.

SLUniverse Forums posts are increasing each month and more members are joining every month there. Other well SL community forums seem to be going at a good steady pace. Many SL residents enjoy reading and writing feedback on lots of interesting topics.

Check out post counts by month for 2011 so far and the latest graph shows a big drop in numbers since early 2011.

March: 19, 983 posts

April: 14, 514 posts

May : 13, 633 posts

June : 10, 292 posts

Now that’s compare that to SLUniverse Forums which seems to be popular each month with the SL community.
Threads: 57, 615, Posts: 1, 302, 129, Members: 17, 827
Total posts 65, 973 | Total topics 6, 965 | Total members 3, 016
gotVirtual Forums current statistics.
Discussions: 2, 021
Messages: 98, 017
Members: 260
Second Citizen MK II current statistics.
Threads: 13, 873, Posts: 378, 119, Members: 2, 322, Active Members: 175

Which SL Forum do you use if any ? 


5 thoughts on “LL SL Forums & Answers posts are declining each month

  1. I sorta gave up on the SL forums a few years back do to the excessive spammage and flaming that often happened in the replies. I usually get a quick answer to my SL questions from my friends in Plurk. Plurk is a rather SL-centric place, unlike Twitter, and it’s become my SL home outside the grid. I learn a lot from reading other people’s questions in there, too.



  2. Thanks for your comment, Ceejay. 🙂

    I don’t visit the official SL forums much anymore because I can find info quicker in other places now like on Plurk and Twitter. When I was on the TG I checked the forums almost every other day cause there was a small community there between 2006-2008. When i jumped over to the MG forums it was jam packed of good SL topics.

    I can’t believe the amounts of times Linden Lab have changed the forums and other SL sites.

    Later I found out about SLUniverse, Plurk, Twitter and SL resident blogs which is the main sources I use nowadays. My favourite SL forum is SLUniverse today. 🙂


  3. I agree with Ceejay, i abandoned the DG forum because people are more interested in fight then answer, not all , of course, but too many for me stand there.

    Plurk is a way more usefull, nice and quick in receive answers to my questions, meet interesting people , have fun…


  4. Linden Lab has a policy of deleting any threads or posts that might give character to their forum -and looking at the flamey mess that the old forums were it’s hard to blame them. Still, between the lack of anything interesting and the abysmal software I personally can’t be bothered to read them; and apparently I’m not alone.

    Myself, I post all over; mostly at SLU, some at SCII and a very little at gV -then there’s plurk, twitter, 2ndhub and potentially google plus [unless they start deleting profiles which it appears they might].


  5. @Isabelli: I like Plurk loads and SLU alot for many good reasons. I agree with you on that.

    @han: Well thats how I see it by viewing the latest forum counts being released daily. I think LL have been putting in some useful SL features into the blogs/forums/answers lately. I think the SL community is moving to other places nowadays for SL news/content.

    Google+ has suspended one account already. Time will tell if Google/Facebook will continue to delete more or stop doing it completely. Hopefully not tho!


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