New SL profile maturity levels in search results

It looks like Linden Lab have added profile maturity levels to all Second Life resident profiles in search results. There are three tick boxes top right where you filter which maturity levels you want to have on/off. Linden Lab did not let us know about maturity levels in their recent July Update blog post. Learn about Maturity Ratings here. I was using Viewer 2.7.5 beta to view these results.

The Maturity levels 

  • General – Suitable for all ages
  • Moderate – Some mature content
  • Adult – Restricted to ages 18 and up

Here is a screenshot of Adult & Moderated switched on. (filter results)

Here is a screenshot with all maturity boxes ticked.


One thought on “New SL profile maturity levels in search results

  1. This has actually been around for a while.

    I’ve been trying to ascertain how profiles are actually ranked, and have come to the conclusion they are subject to yet another “sekrit naughty word” list, as I’ve seen several quite innocuous profiles rated “A”.


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