Visit Avatrian Central sim and watch the last space shuttle launch in Second Life

NASA’s Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-135) mission will launch tomorrow at 8:26am SLT (11:26am EST) on Friday 8th July 2011. This will be the last flight of the Space Shuttle and then there will be a wait for a while until NASA comes up with something new to launch mankind into space again. This launch will be live inworld at various locations around the grid and on NASA’s official live stream coverage. Extra live coverage on Spaceflight Now which is an alternative live stream.

What I didn’t know until today was that The Avatrian team have recreated a few sims for the flight of the last shuttle in Second Life. The Avatrain team recently created the amazing Bin-Laden compound build. Visit for more details about this historical SL event.

Avatars can now get as close as they can to the final Space Shuttle launch at the Kennedy Space Center without having to travel to Florida in real life. The recreation in Second Life is a celebration of this historic event. 

Celebrate a historic event!  The search for the last space shuttle astronauts have begun. Take part in the final journey by visiting the space shuttle launch site in SL . 

Visit Avatrian Central sim today to explore the newly recreated space shuttle area in Second Life. The sims include a real scale model of the space shuttle/launch pad, a live countdown clock, seating area, NASA Vehicle Assemble Building, Nasa Astrovan and lot’s more around the surrounding areas of the sims.

Check out my space adventures in Second Life here.


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