Trying out Firestorm Beta 2

The Phoenix team has now released Firestorm Beta 2 to download and try out. Beta 2 includes new build tools, viewer 1 group profiles, anti griefer tools, quick prefs, new windlight settings, performance improvements and lot’s more. Check out the Firestorm Beta 2 – Change Log for more details. This release for Windows was a 25.2MB download and the public release will be released soon. Mesh integration will start very soon as well which should be interesting. Give Firestorm a try. It’s great!

The new Quick Preferences button is a really handy shortcut I think. Features: max bandwidth, draw distance, max particles, max node size, LOD Factor, Max Avatars, Height offset and sky windlight settings.

The added griefer protection feature from Animation grabbers: Prefs> Firestorm> Protection tab. 

Checking out the new V1 style group profile window.

There’s more exciting things to try out in the Firestorm Beta 2 release and for me it was good to try out this latest beta release. The performance was good on my pc and I like the many features Firestorm offers. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Trying out Firestorm Beta 2

  1. For me nothing typifies the generosity of Jessica, Ed, and the entire Firestorm team more than the Pie Wheel. Abused residents wanted it back. Unfortunately there were IP issues so they couldn’t just port it over. They had to write their own pie wheel from the ground up. They added a cool new color preference along the way. My pie wheel looks like a Torley watermelon now!


    Here’s the really amazing part. When T Linden dropped Viewer2 on us, it very much felt like he was telling us how to experience our world, how to live our lives. It felt like he had contempt for the users and thought he knew how to live our lives better than we did.

    The Firestorm team bends over backwards to never tell us how to live, rather to give us the options to experience the world any way we choose.

    Understanding that many long-time residents preferred the pie wheel, they built one for us. But equally understanding that post V2 residents like the context menu, they added a check box so you could have your choice.

    T Linden telling us how to live felt very condescending to me. The Firestorm team tries to never tell us how to live or experience the world, but to give us choices.

    It’s amazing, impressive, and humbling to see how much work they’ve done to be as inclusive to as many residents and as many usage styles as possible. This is a model of community, sharing, selflessness, and inclusion.

    Firestorm is amazing.
    The Firestorm Team is beyond amazing.

    Thank you!


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