My new SL blog URL

Please subscribe and add my blog to your RSS feeds…


I have always wanted something more simple for ages without having the “blog” part included in the address. I’m not going to upgrade to the paid version of WordPress or move to another blog service. Wordpress does everything I need and it offers alot for a free account.

  • Old blog received 184,278 blog views
  • Backed up all blog posts, comments and pages

More SL blog posts coming soon. 🙂


6 thoughts on “My new SL blog URL

  1. Wow, man, you gave me quite a scare. I went to and Word Press said you were no longer there. Glad to see you at this new address!


  2. Hey Stone.

    I did let everyone know on my SL social streams (I should of given more notice). I wouldn’t dream of leaving Second Life but I have always wanted to get my SL av name for the url address without the “blog” part that I previously had. – it’s simple to remember and makes it easier to find hopefully now. In 2007 I did have one with “2008” in the address then “blog”.

    More SL blog posts on the way. 🙂


  3. Hey Daniel!

    I was shocked at first about the domain change. I just want to say that I use your blog more than ever to keep myself up-to-date about Second Life since I kinda -cough- stopped playing.


  4. Daniel,
    Your blog is my first stop every morning when I’m making the rounds of SL blogs to see what’s happening. I read you before NWN. 🙂


  5. @Christopher: I’m glad you found my blog change. I should of given a week’s notice etc and the old blog is now deleted because I wanted to have just my SL name in the blog address.

    Which I think makes sense to do and it makes it simple than having the “blog” part in the URL address. I will not be moving again and will continue to blog from this currently url now.

    I’m glad many enjoy reading my blog and have added it to rss feeds/blogrolls/subscribing. That really makes me happy and continue blogging about SL happenings.

    @Stone: Thanks very much. 🙂


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