Look back at previous redesigns of the Second Life profiles

Since the early days of Second Life to present Linden Lab have been redesigning and launching new editions of SL profile interfaces. Check out current-past screenshots of Second Life profiles below.

June/July 2011

Trying out the new look demo SL profile this month. Linden Lab are currently beta testing this!

January 2011

Check out Viewer 2 profile sidebar version and the web-based sl profile version.

August 2009

The old online SL profile look

April 2008

Viewer 1 sl profile look

November 2007

Check out the blue SL dazzle profile 

It’s amazing the amount of times Linden Lab have changed the SL profiles and i’m sure the trend will continue to happen in years to come. It’s good to keep/view these screenshots for SL historical reasons I think. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Look back at previous redesigns of the Second Life profiles

  1. Nice overview of the changes in the SL resident profiles. I rezzed in Feb 2007 and the rating system was still available then. I never quite understood it’s purpose so I do not miss it.

    I do not care for the web-based profiles. I like to perv profiles so when I am inworld, I click on an avie and read. This would mean that I would need to have a browser open, enter a name (potential to misspell), and wait for it to load? No thanks!


  2. The Feed is interesting. I wonder how that will be expanded. Feeds usually belong to a website like Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, and now Google+. Profiles are generally standalone so far so I’m curious to see how this will work out. I wonder if loading that will slow things down inworld.


  3. Thanks for the comments. 🙂

    It’s going to be interesting to see how well G+ develops in upcoming weeks and months.


  4. Is the “beta testing” profile actually a “beta test” or something people have stumbled upon & have possibly misinterpreted? I looked at it last week and held off blogging as I couldn’t make my mind up as to whether:

    – It is indeed something new and being tested
    – It is something that was abandoned but stumbled upon accidentally (although if so, why the “current” page layout design?)
    – Is it something that was being worked upon a while back, and which might be undergoing a resurrection?

    This is again an example of why it would be nice for LL to step up and actually *say* something – as they should with the new age verification page.


  5. I would say that while LL has made semi-frequent minor changes, they haven’t really made any major changes to profiles beyond how they look. Dazzle was just the old profile with a new skin. The sidebar profile was the old profile shoehorned into the sidebar with a couple options (interests and self note tab) removed.

    The web profile was just the sidebar profile with yet more information removed and the note tab for others drastically reduced in usability by squeezing it into a postage stamp sized box.

    They brought back “interests” in a new, better format, but this latest change, “Social profiles” appears as though it may be the first actual change in direction for profiles. It’s early yet but I’m hoping they add more to make SL’s profiles into the social tools they should be.


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