Linden staff at SL8B

During my visit to SL8B this week I have seen many Linden staff wondering around the SL8B sims. Have you came across any Lindens this year at SL8B?. Check out these photos below.

Rodvik Linden at the SL8B main stage

Lexie Linden at the SL8B main stage

Ringo Linden at the SL8B Auditorium

Michael Linden at the SL8B Cake Stage

Esbee Linden at the DJ Stage

Latest cool SL8B videos

Check out these latest cool SL8B videos to celebrate Second Life’s 8th birthday.

Designing Worlds: SL 8th Birthday

  • I like these videos from the SL8B celebrations and I will share more videos soon.
  • Enjoying SL8B so far?

Rodvik Linden visits SL8B Main Stage

Rodvik Linden dropped by this afternoon (3pm SLT) at the SL8B Main Stage for 41 minutes and had a good discussion with the SL community. I loved his space ship avatar he rezzed in with and this was the first time ive seen Rodvik inworld this year. It was great to meet Rodvik Linden, CEO of Linden Lab. Lexie Linden came by to join the SL8B celebrations at the main stage.

Check out more photos of Rodvik Linden here.

Before 3pm SLT Rodvik Linden said on Twitter that he was eating cupcakes. LOL

  • 2:57pm SLT: @danielvoyager gimme 5 mins.Eating a cupcake first 🙂
Managed to get this transcript because there was no voice speech this year.
  • “Heh, I should probably ghave changed av’s”
  • [15:05] Rodvik Linden: probably should have changed from being a spacehip before coming 🙂 Ah well.
  • [15:06] Rodvik Linden: thank you! (waves lighter in the air)
  • [15:08] Rodvik Linden: lol
  • [15:09] Rodvik Linden: Thank you Ela! Thank you for making this world!
  • [15:10] Rodvik Linden: hehe 8)
  • [15:19] Rodvik Linden: waves
  • [15:21] Rodvik Linden: heya!
  • [15:23] Rodvik Linden: waves row 7 Jefke
  • [15:23] Rodvik Linden: **applause** music
  • [15:23] Rodvik Linden: very fun daniel, my first. Nice to se folks having fun!
  • [15:24] Rodvik Linden: hmm this looks nice with shadows :0
  • [15:25] Rodvik Linden: dancing with my afterburner
  • [15:26] Rodvik Linden: power seats and nanorobots ready to run amok and take over the galaxy. usual stuff :0
  • [15:29] Rodvik Linden: Mesh? I hear it is coming. The end of times is upon us :
  • [15:28] Rodvik Linden: ***applause**
  • [15:34] Rodvik Linden: call the reality police 8)
  • [15:35] Rodvik Linden: I always wondered what that red button near my desk did.
  • [15:36] Rodvik Linden: shoot mealstrom, I am not ereally in corpspeak mode thoigh 🙂
  • [15:41] Rodvik Linden: {off to discover the multiverse] Nice to seeyall, ctahc you next time!
  • [15:41] Rodvik Linden: seya **applaudes music** great singing!
Overall it was great fun and hopefully Rodvik Linden will give a SL9B opening speech next year. That would be nice!

Happy 8th Birthday Second Life

Today Second Life officially turns eight years old and can you believe it Second Life launched on June 23rd 2003. Congratulations to Linden Lab.

  • Happy 8th year anniversary
  • *party time*
  • Woooot!

SL8B Rodvik Linden joining the celebrations at 3pm SLT today

Update by Pete Linden (check comments) at 1:55pm SLT today announcing that…

There seems to be some confusion, so I just wanted to clarify: Rodvik will be joining the SL8B celebrations tomorrow, but he won’t be giving a speech at the event.

Today from 3pm SLT Rodvik Linden will arriving at the  SL8B Main Stage joining in with the birthday celebrations. Rodvik will not be doing any live speeches this year. Perhaps next year for SL9B Rodvik might do a speech?.  Kim Linden gave a short opening SL8B speech on 20th June 2011 around 11am SLT. It’s disappointing about the speeches.

SL8B locations to visit

SL8B areas
SL8B map
SL8B pod location map
Welcome to the tour of SL8B. This will take us around all the exhibits on the eastern side of the field, and will take approximately 30 minutes. You can get off at any point, or hop on a passing pod wherever you like.  TELEPORT 
SL8B other places of interest

SL8B opens

UPDATE: The SL8B birthday sims opened up at 10:30am SLT (later time than previously announced for 10am SLT). Kim Linden gave a short 90 seconds opening speech at 11am SLT about the lab being busy and that there will be more coming up on the backend of the year. Kim talked briefly about her experience in Second Life being a newbie and thanking everyone for coming along to SL8B.

There were more than 90 avatars at the main stage for Kim Linden’s opening speech with hundreds more packed the SL8B regions. The opening speech was in voice apparently and there were reports of Rodvik Linden walking around the SL8B regions today and Rodvik will hopefully be speaking live on 23rd June 2011.

SL8B statistical data will be released soon.


The sims open to the public at 10:30am SLT (or PDT) June 20 with the opening address by Kim Linden at 11am. Scripts will be turned off for all sims while the speeches are on.  Come early to get a seat!

I’m really excited and it’s going to be a great fun week at SL8B. 😀

MetaMeets 2011 weekend happenings

MetaMeets 2011, Europe’s Premier 3-D  Internet Conference, “Lets Create 3D” has been taking place over the weekend (17th-19th).  Looks like many enjoyed this year’s MetaMeets conference by the tweets on Twitter.

Streams can be seen of MetaMeets On

Mixed Realities blogs about the conference here.

Well done to the speakers for doing interesting presentations and to the organizers this year for doing a great job. Awesome!

SL8B Press Preview

Today I finally had access to the SL8B regions for this year’s SL8B press preview days (18th/19th). The official SL8B opening starts on Monday 20th June 2011 from 10:30am SLT and will last through until 2nd July 2011. Loves having the chance to preview the birthday regions before the official opening.

I will be greeting next week to help out and hand out SL8B goodies. I’m looking forward to volunteering and exploring the magic of Second Life builds this year. I will be uploading SL8B snapshots here.

Near the main stage

Near SL8B music stage

SL8B Speeches

Mark your calendars for Monday, June 20th when Kim Linden will give a short opening address at 11am SLT. Then on June 23rd at 3pm SLT  Rodvik Linden, the CEO of Linden Lab, will be mingling with the crowd at the SL8B Main Stage.

SL8B Calendar 

  • June 20—10:00 a.m. SLT: Gates open to the public!
  • June 23—The Birthday! Special ceremonies included!
  • June 26—Last day of entertainment.
  • July 2—Gates close at 11:59 p.m. SLT

SL8B Map at 4pm SLT showing my location at the central cake regions.

Courtney Linden and Amanda Linden leaves Linden Lab

Looking through today’s SL social streams it appears that Courtney Linden left Linden Lab on Friday 10th June 2011. Courtney Linden was known for managing large SL community events like Second Life birthdays and more. Updates will appear here soon when I hear more.

I also learnt today that Amanda Linden has left Linden Lab. Amanda was the Community Manager and hosted weekly inworld Community Tools user meetings every Thursday. I was told that Amanda’s LinkedIn confirms shes gone from Linden Lab.

Confirmed today: “[8:44] Lexie Linden: Hi Daniel Amanda is no longer with the Lab.”

Reasons for leaving are still unknown at the moment and its really sad news for the SL community.