New SL avatars in the library

Linden Lab have added a new selection of SL avatars into the library folder it seems. There’s new smart looking robots and animals now under Library > Clothing > Initial Outfits. When I first joined Second Life back in October 2006 there wasn’t much in the Library folder. Today there’s more choice for new residents coming into Second Life which is great.

  • 12 new robot avatars – Renn Yifu
  • 12 new animal avatars – Damien Fate

Linden Lab plans to make these new sl avatars in the new resident registration flow soon.

Anyway, yeah, we plan to make these available in the registration flow and avatar selector so all new Resis will have the choice of being a windup robot, scampering freely on all fours, etc.

These aren’t all, stay tuned for more surprises…

Wearing them…

  • Click on the outfit folder you would like then drag the folder onto your avatar to wear. 

Here’s a snapshot of Robot Avatar PD.

Here’s a snapshot of Robot Avatar Titan.

Here’s a snapshot of Robot Avatar Key


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