Visiting Azizi, the Duran Duran universe in Second Life

After hearing about the opening of Duran Duran sim in Second Life recently, today I finally went to visit the attraction. According to Tateru Nino recent blog post “(Duran Duran Universe/DDU) has attracted just 165 unique visitors. That’s one in ten-thousandactive Second Life users”. As many know already Duran Duran made a promise to have a inworld presence in Second Life back in 2006.

It’s great that they now have a presence in Second Life in 2011 and lets hope it will continue for years to come. I think this is very good news for the SL community because many have waited a long time for this to happen inworld. It’s a really nice sim with lots to explore and do over there.

Duran Duran opened on 15th June 2011.

On 16th June 2011 there was a press release from the Duran Dduran website.

The Duran Duran Universe is just about ready to open! Debuting on June 22nd, the DDU will soon be unveiled for ALL to see. If you haven’t yet registered on Second Life, and would like to take a look around, you can visit SECOND LIFE and get yourself acquainted with every thing before the DD world officially opens its doors.

We have a welcome message from Chrissy, the DDU community manager who keeps everything running smoothly. We are all excited to see you (in avatar form, of course) in the DD Virtual World !

Dear Duran Duran fans and Second Life visitors!

The Duran Duran Universe – the permanent virtual residence of and by the band Duran Duran in Second Life – will soon open its gates.

I am so very thrilled about it that I can hardly find any words. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to be the proud witness to the birth of a magic masterminds brainchild and I feel even more honoured to now share this amazingly beautiful wonderland with you.

From the top of the lipstick tower high in the Azizi sky to the underwater UFO Club in the Sanhedralite sea the Duran Duran Universe is packed full of wonderful artistic treasures, interactive features, innovative multimedia and exciting events and games. All carefully chosen by the band members as part of their motto: “designed to make people party!”

I am looking forward to welcoming you all personally in the DDU – join the adventure and meet me there!

Chrissy Welinder
DDU Community Manager

Latest update published by Katy on 22nd June 2011 called A blog from Katy. This blog post talks about the four islands and how amazing they are all. 

Visit Duran Duran official island

Visit Duran Duran Universe, the official Second Life presence of the popular band. From the top of the lipstick tower high in the Azizi sky to the underwater UFO Club in the Sanhedralite sea, the Duran Duran Universe is packed full of wonderful artistic treasures, interactive features, innovative multimedia and exciting events and games.


Second Life Birthday statistics so far

Check out the Second Life birthday statistics from SL4B to SL10B. I will add SL11B at the end of the birthday celebrations.

SL11B Stats

  • Coming Soon

SL10B Stats

  • SL10B Regions: 22
  • SL10B Exhibitor plots: 375
  • SL10B Event Duration: 14 days
  • SL10B Blog Stats: 110, 965+ views so far
  • SL10B Stages: 
  • SL10B Grand Opening Attendance: 640+ avatars
  • SL10B Linden Guests: Torley Linden, Amber Linden, Michael Linden, Governor Linden, Patch Linden, Widely Linden and more!
  • SL10B Flickr Group Stats: 928 snapshots – 195 members
  • SL10B exhibitor applications: 500+
  • SL10B performer applications:  470+
  • SL10B volunteer applications: 350+
  • SL10B pods: 19+
  • SL10B Press group: 65 members
  • SL10B Greeters: 115 
  • SL10B Exhibit Assistants: 33
  • SL10B Sim Co-Ord: 13
  • SL10B Stage Managers: 18
  • SL10B Mods: 48

SL9B Stats 

  • Total number of SL9B visitors: (waiting for stats)
  • SL9B Regions: 20
  • SL9B Applications: Over 450+ applications
  • SL9B Stages: 5
  • SL9B Exhibits: 357
  • SL9B Opening: 300+ visitors during the first hour
  • SL9B Linden Guests: Amber Linden, Lexie Linden, Tommy Linden, Viale Linden, Brett Linden, Theresa Linden and Philip Linden
  • SL9B Greeters: 113
  • SL9B Exhibitor members: 1, 187
  • SL9B Performers and DJs: 318
  • SL9B Press: 66
  • SL9B Blog Stats: 69,000+ hits since May 27th 2012 + (5, 089 views – busiest day on 18th June 2012)
  • SL9B Flickr Stats: 1,239 photos | 156 members
  • SL9B Pods: 18+
  • SL9B Event Duration: 11 days

SL8B Stats 

  • SL8B Sims: 21 regions
  • SL8B Stages: 5
  • SL8B Greeters members: 118
  • SL8B Exhibitor members: 1, 104
  • SL8B Birthday group members: 908
  • Exhibits: Over 300 with 700 people building them
  • Performers: Over 300 live performers
  • Linden Guests: Kim Linden, Rodvik Linden, Esbee Linden, Lexie Linden, Ringo Linden, Michael Linden, Esbee Linden and Torley Linden
  • Prim limit: 234 prims
  • Maturity ratings: General
  • Pod tour duration: 30 minutes

SL7B Stats

  • Sims: 21
  • Parcels used by residents: Over 300
  • Builders: 750+
  • Performers: 250+
  • Linden Guests: Philip Linden & M Linden
  • Volunteers: 100+
  • Performance hours: Over 450
  • Stages: 5
  • Total prims over: 100, 000
  • Active TRAMs: 169
  • Total Rezzed: 3, 317
  • Time Elapsed: 2280:42:09 (hh:mm:ss)
  • Total Passengers: 2, 774

SL6B Stats

  • Resident Staff: 50+
  • Sims: 20
  • Mentor/Greeters: 68
  • Exhibitors: 300+
  • People who helped build those exhibits: 899
  • Futurist & Android Stage DJs: 103
  • Main Stage Live Musicians: 100+
  • Regions: 20 (plus one from the Teen Grid)
  • Scheduled Events: 815
  • Unique visitors: 17,712
  • Hours spent: 23,662
  • Countries represented: 140
  • Advertising kiosks placed: 698
  • Event calendar page views: 23, 260
  • People who caught alien gift thieves: Only 94!
  • Most aliens caught by one person: 139
  • If anyone knows stats for SL5B – feel free to comment below!
  • Sims: 20
  • Peak attendance was 350 during the opening  (record turnout)
  • Sims: 9
  • Around 38,000 unique visitors turned up