SL8B week 1 highlights

Wow, what a fun packed week it’s been at Second Life’s 8th birthday celebrations. The SL8B sims are open until 2nd July 2011 so there’s still time to explore the exhibits at SL8B. There should be less lag next week and it should be quieter.

I have enjoyed exploring the wonderful magic builds at the 21 SL8B sims and the live music events as well.  I have enjoyed greeting and stage managing this year. From what I could tell this year there’s been a lot of coverage of SL8B on SL resident blogs, Twitter, Plurk and Flickr. So far I have captured many amazing SL8B snapshots (395) so far this year with more to come next week at SL8B.  That’s more than in previous birthday events in Second Life.

I’m trying to find out the latest SL8B stats for this year and when I know I will publish them.

My SL8B blog coverage from week 1…

What are your throughts of SL8B ? – feel free to comment below!

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