SL8B BURN2 festival 2011 presentation

MC, DM, Ladyslipper Constantine & Honour McMilan gave a hour long presentation during Saturday afternoon at the SL8B Auditorium about the upcoming BURN2 festivial 2011 happening in October. Join the Burn2.0 group for the latest news updates and be part of the celebrations this year. There are now 97 days left and counting until the BURN starts.

BURN2 Details

  • BURN2 this year will start on 1st October and will run through until 9th October 2011
  • Burn2 will be moderate maturity this year & there may be a General sim and a kids’ camp
  • There will be 20 lottery camps available this year
  • 24/7 entertainment 😀
  • There will be art car vehicle races, cruise-ins, and an Art Car Retrospective showcasing some of the incredible vehicles created for past Burns
  • BURN2 is self funded and the core will be 8 sims at $2000 each
  • BURN2 team are hoping for sim donations to get up to 18 or more
I will be blogging about BURN2 2011 more in the coming months.

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