Tinies invasion at SL8B

On Friday afternoon at the SL8B main stage I saw a massive crowd of cute tinies I have ever seen in one place before. It was a great sight to see many different types of tiny avatars having fun at SL8B. They were everywhere and they rock!

The great SL8B invasion of amazing Tinies.


Linden staff at SL8B

During my visit to SL8B this week I have seen many Linden staff wondering around the SL8B sims. Have you came across any Lindens this year at SL8B?. Check out these photos below.

Rodvik Linden at the SL8B main stage

Lexie Linden at the SL8B main stage

Ringo Linden at the SL8B Auditorium

Michael Linden at the SL8B Cake Stage

Esbee Linden at the DJ Stage