SL8B opens

UPDATE: The SL8B birthday sims opened up at 10:30am SLT (later time than previously announced for 10am SLT). Kim Linden gave a short 90 seconds opening speech at 11am SLT about the lab being busy and that there will be more coming up on the backend of the year. Kim talked briefly about her experience in Second Life being a newbie and thanking everyone for coming along to SL8B.

There were more than 90 avatars at the main stage for Kim Linden’s opening speech with hundreds more packed the SL8B regions. The opening speech was in voice apparently and there were reports of Rodvik Linden walking around the SL8B regions today and Rodvik will hopefully be speaking live on 23rd June 2011.

SL8B statistical data will be released soon.


The sims open to the public at 10:30am SLT (or PDT) June 20 with the opening address by Kim Linden at 11am. Scripts will be turned off for all sims while the speeches are on.  Come early to get a seat!

I’m really excited and it’s going to be a great fun week at SL8B. 😀