Courtney Linden and Amanda Linden leaves Linden Lab

Looking through today’s SL social streams it appears that Courtney Linden left Linden Lab on Friday 10th June 2011. Courtney Linden was known for managing large SL community events like Second Life birthdays and more. Updates will appear here soon when I hear more.

I also learnt today that Amanda Linden has left Linden Lab. Amanda was the Community Manager and hosted weekly inworld Community Tools user meetings every Thursday. I was told that Amanda’s LinkedIn confirms shes gone from Linden Lab.

Confirmed today: “[8:44] Lexie Linden: Hi Daniel Amanda is no longer with the Lab.”

Reasons for leaving are still unknown at the moment and its really sad news for the SL community.


7 thoughts on “Courtney Linden and Amanda Linden leaves Linden Lab

  1. oooh amanda left too…. she was always very helpfull to me… i will miss her…
    and courtney too? a lost :/
    thank you amanda and courtney for all what you’ve done… without you sl wasnt sl as it is today… will never forget you…


  2. wow, the loss of two seemingly very good (and important) people

    Daniel, you did not present your thoughts on this – are there any indications that this reflects a bit of a shift or is it just the case of people moving on?


    1. @Ener: My throughts of this is it’s a big shame that both of these well known Lindens have left the lab.

      It could be a mix of both and reasons they don’t say which leaves us guessing for a long time. 😦

      There seems to be at least one or two Lindens that leave every month.


  3. i work for an international software company of nearly the same size and annual revenue and our turnover is on the order of maybe 6 people a year. we have a pretty nice work environment and i don’t know how analogous our turnover is to LL’s

    LL’s offering is fairly unique and it’s not like you are going to make a lateral shift to another company doing a similar thing. in other words, if you want to work in virtual worlds, it’s a very small space


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