Linden Lab CEO birthday keynote addresses and photos from the past

Here are some great historical photos of Philip Linden and M Linden birthday keynote addresses from previous SL birthdays. Only two years to go until we celebrate a decade of Second Life. Check out these links below!
SL8BRodvik Linden had a text chat inworld at the main stage for about 40 minutes. 
SL9B – The core resident SL9B Team hosted a live opening speech. Saffia Widdershins and friends hosted a keynote speech for about 15 minutes on opening day of SL9B in June 2012. 
SL10B and SL11B no speeches were given by the CEO. 

2 weeks remain until SL8B

Just two weeks away and counting until the beginning of the SL8B celebrations. Here is the latest news and progress from the SL8B blog.

All performers and exhibitors should now have received their invites. Congratulations to all who were accepted. If you’re a performer and didn’t receive notification, contact Doctor Gascoigne inworld. If you’re an exhibitor and didn’t hear from us, contact me, KT Syakumi, inworld.

It’s shaping up fast and it’s looking awesome!

SL8B builds are almost complete and the deadline for exhibitor builds is 15th June 2011. Check out this year’s new SL8B logo showing the magic SL8B coming out of the hat (celebration style). I unpacked some really cool SL8B Greeter clothing last night and I’m looking forward to volunteering at the birthday celebrations at the welcome SL8B areas.

The clock continues to tick down…