One year on since the Linden Lab restructuring

Today marks one year to the day since the news surfaced about the big “strategic restructuring” of Linden Lab. 30% of Linden employees lost their jobs and many LL offices such as Brighton, Amsterdam, Singapore and Mountain View were all closed down in 2010. M Linden (Mark Kingdon) announced this news in the afternoon on 9th June 2010 called “A Restructuring For Linden Lab”.

The day I can remember very well and it was really sad to see many Linden friends depart from Second Life forever. Later in June 2010 M Linden stepped down as CEO of Linden Lab on 24th June 2010 and Philip Rosedale came back as interim CEO. On 23rd December 2010 Rod Humble became the new CEO of Linden Lab. 2011 seems to be going really well so far with lot’s of great improvements in the pipeline like mesh, windlight estate settings, new search, group chat fixes, UI changes and login screen changes.

Check out this interview by Tateru Nino who recently talked with Rod Humble about Second Life. Sound promising for the future of Second Life I think. What are your views?…

There is a special Linden Thank You Memorial, in fond memory of our Linden friends located in Bowness.

Thank You Memorial for our departed Linden Friends.
This is a community supported memorial. Please donate to the tiers fund.


5 thoughts on “One year on since the Linden Lab restructuring

  1. I’m still optimistic about the future, I think Rod is still making good progress. My impression is that M Linden was brought in specifically to restructure but who knows. As much as it’s painful to see job losses and annoying that most of the world only gets partial support cover it was probably the right call.


  2. Same. I agree Rod is making good progress since mid-January and things are starting to look positive in Second Life during 2011.

    Last year was a historical sad moment in SL history and should be remembered. The future seems to be promising for now. 😀


  3. I also have the feeling that things are going better. Not in the sense of “SL going mainstream”, but gaining a bit more traction again (at least, that’s what I hope). For really doing better we’ll also need stuff like browser-based access.


  4. Am hearing you Roland, indeed the lull in the past months has allowed many to take stock of situation and can only hope Linden lab come around to joint development with the many still holding their breaths. We at virtually Linked are giving it a few more months to see what hapens.

    That there is a future for virtualization of the web there is no doubt, whether SL will be left behind is the question we all ask.


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