Interesting "Estate Region Level Windlight Control" machinima by Ann Otoole

Check out this interesting Estate Region Level Windlight Control machinima uploaded by Ann Otoole on YouTube on 3rd June 2011. For more information visit Windlight Region Settings Project Viewer SL Wiki page. šŸ˜€

Estate Region Level Windlight Control is coming to Secondlife very soon.

Note: This was filmed without any video post processing or viewer commands. This was filmed on the SL main grid (agni) using the Second Life 2.7.2 (231798) Jun 2 2011 14:55:53 (Second Life Project Windlight Region) viewer in the Hippotropolis and Hippo Hollow regions. This is real

Pastrami Linden says this on today’sĀ NWN blog post about Windlight..

As the former main project lead at Linden for WindLight, and the person responsible for its very inception at the company Linden acquired for this, can I say how absolutely thrilled I am for this feature to finally be hitting SL?!?! This is really, truly great for land owners and all their visitors. This will finally enable everyone to experience the dramatic effects afforded by WindLight as they were truly intended. Kudos, LL, and congrats to all the resis! This will raise the immersion factor for all tremendously!

That’s good to hear and this is a good step forward for SL I think. Yay for SL awesomeness!