Participant in a load test for Group Chat today

Update: I logged into the beta grid on ADITI about 10 minutes before 4pm SLT and opened up Second Life Beta group. The group chat started around the top of the hour smoothly then minutes later there was tons of messages (chat lag). The group chat was given a hammering during the hour or so of testing and there was more than 50 avatars who took part. After a while viewing messages in the group chat things started to slow down and many crashed during the test event. Many said it was successful and enjoyed participating on the beta grid.

On 2nd June 2011 starting at 4pm SLT Linden Lab will be performing a load test of some of the Group Chat changes coming in the pipeline for Second Life during 2011. It looks like Linden Lab needs many to participant in this test event as possible.

Looks like the event will be hosted at the 36 GC Test regions below on the Beta ADITI grid. There are the additional 16 test regions above GC Test regions (north) called Oatmeal.

Details of the event
  • Who: You!
  • What: A load test of Group Chat changes
  • Where: ADITI, the preview grid.
  • When: Thursday, the 2nd of June, 2011 @ 4PM PT
  • Why: To help make Group Chat better
  • How: However you can.
Sounds fun!