Still no Plurk listed under Social Identities on your web SL profile

Yoz Linden made a comment on WEB-3542 about “As a user, I’d like to link my Web Profile to the Plurk microblogging service, where SL is very popular”. This would make sure that Plurk would be listed under Social Identities on your online SL profile. At the moment Linden Lab have listed Facebook, Flickr, Linkedln, Twitter and YouTube so that you can “Connect your profile to other social networks”.

Yoz Linden replied…

Yoz Linden added a comment – 17/May/11 4:44 PM

Once Plurk has a way for us to implement this (see comments above), we’ll reconsider it.

Apparently today there was another comment made by Nimil Blackflag saying that “plurk has added oauth api“. Hopefully Linden Lab can implement Plurk now to the Social Identities section soon. We will wait and see what happens next.


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