Linden Lab updates welcome login screen

Linden Lab have recently updated the welcome login screen with two new featured slide boxes on Viewer 2. The left box links you to featured destinations in Second Life and the right box links you to the Official Second Life Blog RSS feeds.

Last year Linden Lab removed the SL grid statistics away from the login screen. Since then it’s just been blank with a changing background until just recently. Suggestions!..It would be good to see the SL grid statistics on the login screen again, the name of location of the background picture and the grid status reports RSS feed back.

View previous login screens of Second Life through the years.


3 thoughts on “Linden Lab updates welcome login screen

  1. It would be nice to see the grid stats back, but if they wanna… hide them? omit? Well, ok. Now, the grid status report is more critical, I really don’t understand why it had to be gone. About the location of the background picture, it would be nice to have a slurl saying something like “visit [name of the sim]”, allowing you to log in directly at that place.


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