SL Mesh, Update 5

Week 18 update from today’s Mesh User Group meeting. I think we are getting closer towards the roll out of mesh on the main grid and hopefully it will arrive this month. Linden Lab have still not given any ETAs on dates yet. With the Viewer 2 release cycle as it stands mesh will arrive in the 2.7 version viewer. We will have to see!

Latest Mesh News
  • Nyx Linden mentioned that “recently – we’re merging!”
  • “trying to get back to non-merge related work soooon”
  • “we’ve got a bug backlog of 400 issues”
Mesh Asset Format Changes
  • Linden Lab will be rolling out changes to the asset format later this week
  • Pro: “more stable asset format” after the roll out
  • Con: Everyone will have to re-upload meshes
  • Rolling out to the mesh experimental channel first
Transcript can be found here of the meeting. I will be publishing regular updates on my blog – stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “SL Mesh, Update 5

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  2. Raul Crimson

    Thanks for the update, Daniel. Actually after the test i was making in the beta grid with mesh i’m pretty excited about it. It will change the look of SL as sculpted or flexible prims did in its time.


  3. Daniel Voyager

    Thanks Raul for the comment. It’s going to be awesome when mesh is finally launched and yeah its going to change SL for years.

    More mesh updates soon!



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