BURN2 Spring Event 2011 Opens

At 10:30am SLT today this year’s BURN2 Spring Event officially opened with great joy and excitement from the SL community. The BURN2 spring event 2011 continues through to late night on Sunday 27th March 2011. Come and enjoy the fun during this weekend! Celebrate the BURN BURN BURN!

SLURL to BURN2 2011

Today’s complete schedule is (all times are PT / SLT):

  • 10:30am: Opening
  • Noon: Mommaluv Skytower
  • 1pm: DRUM
  • 2pm: Burner Studio – history of Burning Man
  • 3pm: Phoenix Gerhadsen
  • 4pm: BubbaC John
  • 5pm: DMV Flower Power vehicle races (these sound like fun!)
  • 7pm: Myst Dancers
  • 8pm: Myst Dancers

Latest BURN2 Spring 2011 Snapshots

BURN2 Breaking News

I have heard that the main festival of BURN2 2011 will officially start on 1st October 2011 and the aim is to have 18 regions this year. Apparently M2_DangerRanger made the announcement during the spring opening ceremony at the BURN2 stage.


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