VWBPE 2011 Live Coverage On Opening Day

Coverage of the opening at VWBPE 2011 in Second Life.

12pm SLT: Attended VWBPE Bloggers Press Conference this afternoon which was interesting. Lasted for 20 minutes and around 15 attended.

1pm SLT: 1 hour left until opening ceremony ! yay

1:10pm SLT: Looking down at the central stage in VWBPE Social Hub, VWBPE Central 3. Malburns Writer and crew are setting up live stream starting from 2pm SLT. Uploading pics to http://www.flickr.com/photos/danielvoyager/.

1:20pm SLT: Less than 40 minutes left until the opening ceremony. Everyone is really excited about this year’s 53 hour conference.

1:24pm SLT: Now 102+ avatars at VWBPE Social Hub, VWBPE Central area. Wooot!

1:30pm SLT: Live streaming starts at 2pm SLT of the first keynotes speech at VWBPE 2011  > http://vwbpe.treet.tv/

1:39pm SLT: Botgirl Questi arrives live on stage. Voice is switched on and live talking is taking place..

1:40pm SLT: Botgirl Questi speaks live about Who are we? Where is Here? and more at 2pm SLT at VWBPE Social Hub

1:45pm SLT: 15 minutes left..

1:50pm SLT: 10 minutes left until the show starts for 53 hours at 21 VWBPE regions.

1:54pm SLT: 117 avatars now at VWBPE Social Hub for the opening starting from 2pm SLT. WooooT!!!!

1:56pm SLT: Phelan Corrimal (phelan.corrimal): Phelan Corrimal (phelan.corrimal): Open Keynote Address with Botgirl Questi will be starting in approximately 5 minutes”

2pm SLT: VWBPE 2011 officially starts – 53 hours left!  Botgirl Questi starts the first Open Keynote Address of VWBPE 20

2:47pm SLT: Botgirl Questi finishes interesting presentation about Virtual Worlds. 10 minute break!

3pm: AJ Brooks starts presentation….

Live Coverage during today/tomorrow: http://ow.ly/4gNU1


Snowstorm 2.6.1 with Advanced and Basic mode

The Snowstorm 2.6.1 viewer comes with advanced and basic modes apparently. Here is a demo video showing the basic mode uploaded by Opensource Obscure. These modes are going to be really useful I think and it’s a great feature to have in the viewer. For more latest releases and information visit Project Snowstorm SL Wiki page.

  • What are your views about the basic/advanced modes ?

Demo of the new Second Life “Basic Mode”. This feature is still experimental, and it’s only available in the last Snowstorm 2.6.1 viewer. Download the “Latest Development Viewer” from the “Project Snowstorm” page in the official Second Life wiki.

Here is a Twitter message by Notre Ami Merov:

“Trying the last Snowstorm 2.6.1 (Project Snowstorm – Second Life Wiki)
containing the new launch ‘Mode’ drop down.
❤ ‘Basic’ for discovering new places”

I downloaded that build and logged in Basic Mode.

It’s awesome.

I feel this is a great idea that will work well for a lots of
people and will make the first approach with SL easier.

It took me by surprise, so I guess I must have missed
some conversations about it. Where can I find more details
about how it got designed? An approximative reference to
subject of mailing list discussions or wiki pages would be enough.

If you didn’t do it yet, try Basic Mode by choosing it at Login
screen. Be sure to use “Latest Development Viewer”

Opensource Obscure

VWBPE 2011 Conference Guide

VWBPE 2011 Conference opens today with presentations starting from 2pm PDT through to 19th March 2011. Here are  some useful VWBPE resources for the weekend during the event. Don’t forget to join the VWBPE group inworld for the latest updates. This year the conference will be running for 53 hours and there will be 21 regions this year to explore. I’m sure it’s going to be really interesting this year with many opportunities for everyone.

The Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education (VWBPE) is a community-based conference that provides opportunities for participants in all virtual worlds to share current teaching, learning, and research practices in 3D virtual environments. Conference presentations focus on teaching/learning, scholarly work, projects, events, activities and new and innovative tools for virtual education. Presenters will focus on the identification of best practices in education designed for 3D virtual world technology.

This year’s theme is You are Here.

VWBPE 2011 Info

Getting Started

VWBPE 2011 Press Conference

VWBPE Bloggers’ Press Conferences

The VWBPE Executive Committee will be holding bloggers press conferences. ( This definitely includes people who tweet, plurk and post to Facebook- it’s social media agnostic.) We’ll be giving a quick overview, feature a few sessions, talk about any changes and answer questions. We hope these will last 20 – 30 minutes maximum.

Please join us on VWBPE West 2 at the Social Network Tower (or Bloggers’ Tower).http://slurl.com/secondlife/VWBPE%20West%202/162/61/29/

Thursday, March 17

  • Noon SLT
  • 5 pm SLT

Friday, March 18

  • 11 am SLT

Saturday, March 19

  • 7 am SLT

VWBPE 2011 Main Map

VWBPE 2011 Region Map