Nova Albion's 7th Anniversary Gathering

HeadBurro Antfarm blogged about Nova Albion’s 7th Anniversary gathering which kicks off at 12pm SLT on 19th March 2011. Nova Albion was one of the first official City sims in Second Life back in March 2004. Still subject to change!

The famous Grignano Arch. SLURL


The Drax Files on Art & Design Episode #1

Check out this new SL machinima highlighting a beautiful art & design piece by IDIALAB. It’s a great video and here it is.

Flickr Gettr is a mash-up installation combining web 2.o and virtual worlds, made at IDIALAB at Ball State University.

It brings the web into a real-time collaborative environment leveraging the affordances of immersive platforms.

Direct teleport link –

In this new semi-monthly series machinima blogger Draxtor profiles individuals that make up the creative class in Second Life: musicians, designers, activists just to name a few fields of user engagement.