SL Mesh, Update 3

On 9th March 2011, MetaverseTV asked Rodvik Linden through Twitter about the ETA on Mesh and apparently the LL team are working on the roll out plans at the moment. Linden Lab hopes to announce a Mesh timeline/road-map sometime this month so that everyone can plan in advance.

Mr Humble is there an ETA on mesh? A lot of projects on hold waiting for this feature.


Rodvik Linden replied saying…

No date yet. Team working on the roll out plans. Hopefully we can announce the timeline this month so folks can plan.

Yeah, its a big feature. needs to be done right. Still creators should have a timeline of the rollout so everyone can plan.

Mesh is coming soon. Yay. Check out this new mesh video out featuring a nice vehicle by Arton Rotaru.


2 thoughts on “SL Mesh, Update 3

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