Mesh Still No Confirmation On Release Date

When reading through When is Mesh coming to the Main Grid? thread on the Mesh section on the new look SL Forums. In comments I saw that Falcon Linden replied to the post saying that Linden Lab still don’t have a release date for mesh yet. Mesh first went into Open Beta status on 13th October 2010 and still there are issues yet to be resolved it seems. My prediction is that mesh will be deployed sometime between April-June 2011 but for now the mesh inworld meetings are definitely worth attending for questions. answers and updates from the Mesh team.

Falcon Linden

03-03-2011 12:13 AM

Hi folks!

I know, it’s been forever since I’ve come to office hours and some of you may think I’m dead. I’m not! I’m hard at work making your meshes work without causing problems for our physics engine (among other things).

I can’t give you the answer you want–a release date for mesh. But I can help a little by letting you know that there are concrete dev issues remaining.

For example, you may notice that in some cases when you enter a mesh region, particularly one that’s been restarted recently, you can’t move about as you would expect. In fact, the collision geometry for many meshes is a giant box with dimensions equal to the mesh’s scale! Craziness. Huseby Linden and I have recently solved this problem but the solution is far more complex than you’d think and it will be at least a couple weeks before we can deploy it to Aditi. Other remaining issues on my plate include physics cost computation and proper upload validation.

It’s great to hear that you aren’t hitting many mesh upload bugs. Rest assured that we are continuing to actively develop mesh as a feature and that we are probably even more eager than you to see it deployed to the Main Grid. :smileyhappy:





Author: Daniel Voyager

Second Life

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