Goodbye To Numbakulla Region In Second Life

Region expected to shut down in early April 2011 after announcement of opening for another month.

Numbakulla region is sadly closing down tomorrow (4th March 2011) in Second Life, the well known video game experience inworld. Numbakulla first opened in July 2005, the game has attracted a good number of players over the years. Apparently the game has been played by 28,500 people over the 6 years.

It’s a beautiful region and here are my pictures from travelling around Numbakulla.

The team that put the Myst Style puzzle region together announced that they can no longer cover the tier in Second Life. The team may move over to OpenSim Grid in the near future but it’s not been officially confirmed yet. It’s sad that Numbakulla region will be closing down and it will be missed by the SL community. Farewell!