Q Linden Leaves Linden Lab This Friday

During today’s Viewer 2 Evolution User Group meeting,  Q Linden (team leader) said that this Friday will be his last day at Linden Lab. It was not so long ago since Esbee Linden the project manager left Linden Lab two months ago. Q Linden will be moving on to other related tech things apparently and it’s sad to see another Linden go.

Q Linden did say this “#1 Near term proceed as usual & #2 Longer term is waiting on reorganzational decisions for LL engineering in general“. So who’s left now?…Well Bao Linden, Merov Linden, Oz Linden, and Wolf Linden are all part of the Snowstorm team including sub-contract devs at ProjectEngine apparently.

Snowstorm Project SL Wiki page

Snowstorm is the name of the team responsible for coordinating development and integration of the Second Life Viewer 2, and for engaging the open source development community in its evolution. The Snowstorm team and Project Snowstorm started in August, 2010.

To improve the performance, reliability, and ease of use of the Second Life Viewer, while enabling the rapid, effective deployment of new Viewer features and functionality to the Second Life Resident population.

I wish Q the best of luck for the future. This is definitely disappointing news and a big blow for the user group team for Viewer 2.


5 thoughts on “Q Linden Leaves Linden Lab This Friday

  1. It seems like only a few days ago we were discussing sadness in connection with all the departures from Linden Lab. Well, actually it was just a few days ago. Now here we are again. I’m beginning to be drained by all this even as LL is becoming drained of its talent. I’m getting close to starting to worry. Rodvik needs to take a minute from his busy day to write to tell us how he plans to staunch the hemorrhaging.


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