Enus Linden Departure & Lil Linden Moves On

Oskar Linden has announced the departure of Enus Linden during Server Beta User Group meeting yesterday, according to a tweet from Twitter.

it is with great sadness that I announce the departure of dear Enus Linden, my boss for more than 2 years – Oskar Linden#SL

Lil Linden (Server Release Manager) appears to be moving on from Linden Lab, according to this week’s Weekly Linden account changes, week 8 by Tateru Nino. I wish Enus and Lil the best of luck for the future.

Last month Esbee Linden (SnowStorm Product Manager), Joe Miller and Mark Wallace left Linden Lab along with others. There are now 251 Linden accounts and now there appears to be 18 position listings on the official Linden Lab employment page.


4 thoughts on “Enus Linden Departure & Lil Linden Moves On

    1. It’s a good sign that new jobs are open at Linden Lab after not so many during the course of 2009/2010. It’s sad in a way after all the Lindens that left last year.


  1. It seems everyone has been using the word ‘sad’ recently in connection with all the departures from Linden Lab, and I think it’s a good choice. It makes me sad to think of what could have been if only the powers-that-be at LL would have chosen better senior managers so Facebook would be envying our success rather than us envying Facebook’s success. After all, Second Life is social networking taken to the Nth degree and it’s just sad that an old static form of social networking has the larger following.


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