Lindens to follow on Twitter during 2011

Here is the updated 2011 list on active Linden accounts on Twitter for the latest SL news and SL gossip.

You may notice that the list has been reduced since my last post back in July 2009 and that’s because of the massive departures last year at the lab. Hopefully there will be more new Linden Twitter accounts during 2011/2012 that will be keeping the SL community informed on the latest happenings.


9 thoughts on “Lindens to follow on Twitter during 2011

  1. Here’s my Twitter list of Linden Lab employees (currently following 92 accounts):

    – these Twitter streams often aren’t related to Second Life
    – the list supposedly only include current employees, so please tell me if you spot someone who should be removed
    – please tell me if you’re a Linden and you don’t want to be included..or if you’re not a Linden and I mistakenly included you
    – I only used publicly available data to determine who to include


  2. @Opensource: Thanks for the link and notes you have there. 🙂

    @Chestnut: Check out my new post about residents to follow on Twitter during 2011. 😀


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