Teen Grid Has Officially Merged

After 1pm SLT today, Linden Lab started to transfer accounts and land held by 16-17 year olds from TSL to the Main Grid. Many residents started to teleport others over to the TSL regions which works successfully. It’s going to be good meeting up with old friends again after 2 years or so since I transferred to the Main Grid back in December 2008.

The process still may take some time yet to fully complete. Oskar Linden says that the “map server will fix itself after 2am tonight”, meaning that TSL regions will show visible to the rest of the MG then. Oskar Linden also said that Teens will be transferring alphabetically via script and Oskar said that “we’ve been testing the script all week”.

Oasis – Shopping Mail

Eros – The Showcase for Teen Talent

Bay City

Welcome Teens to the Main Grid. Good luck to all of you! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Teen Grid Has Officially Merged

  1. Linden Labs has moved all children under the age of 18 to a separate grid world – . This Teen Grid has a user base of about 5 000 users and seems to have lost most of its growth already – while other teen worlds are still growing. The Teen grids lack of popularity amongst youngsters is not just the fact they are disconnected from the main event.


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