New Teen Islands on Main Grid

According to the SL Grid Survey #1044 there are now 4 new Teen Grid “Bonobos Isles” on the Main Grid. I have no idea who picked these names but they are not suitable for teens that are about to arrive over here very soon for the transition. These regions are believed to be the start of the new “Teen Only” islands which may be the new Teen Zindra / Teen Linden Homes continent. Currently there is no access to these regions by teleporting and still no confirmation as to the age ranges that will be allowed to access these regions. We will see how this develops in the next few weeks.

I’m sure Linden Lab will release new information in upcoming weeks. I will publish new information when it comes available on my blog.

4 thoughts on “New Teen Islands on Main Grid

  1. Bonobos are the great apes which are most like humans.

    Seems a bit harsh to use that for the name of the teen grid… it might be considered accurate by many but still…


  2. Checking the web, I see that Bonobos is a line of men’s clothing and it also is the current name for a line of great apes we used to call Pygmy Chimpanzees.


  3. Gotta love the well thought out names…

    From the looks of things on the map, it seems there are a lot of torus shaped megaprims around. Possibly some water and bridges. It may be a new infohub or hangout area?


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