Teen Grid Transition 2011 Delayed

Apparently according to Terrance Linden today the Teen Grid transition has been delayed into mid-late January 2011. The delay was due to something Linden Lab wanted to do over the christmas holidays but they didn’t complete it. The original date for the closure of the Teen Grid was due for 31st December 2010 but that was pushed back to a few days after January 1st 2011 which didn’t happen.


UPDATE (8th January 2011)

On 7th January 2011 Terrance Linden replied back to Blaze Borgin about the delay and this is what Terrance Linden said about it…

Hey Blaze,

No problem at all.  Thank you for checking in.

We intended to complete the merge this week; however, it has been postponed by a couple weeks because there are a few more things that I want to check off before being comfortable.  Just getting back after the holiday season, I want to take a little time, double check a few items, and ensure that we have completed everything on the list.  It has not been called off to be revised.

I plan to let people know the official date once I feel that it is 100% confirmed, which should be sometime next week.

Again, thanks for checking in, and have a great weekend!



From Terrance Linden – (6th January 2011):

It’s been delayed, but will still be Jan. Didn’t complete something we wanted to over holiday. I’ll let everyone know when we secure ta date

The official closing date is still not confirmed but you can expect Terrance to let everyone know very soon. I’ll keep everyone posted on the latest when it develops.



UPDATE from Blaze Borgin – (6th January 2011)

A local Teen Grid resident, Doug Falta, confirmed with Jeremy Linden that an official date will be released by Terrence some time next week.

[2011/01/06 14:00]  Jeremy Linden: First: It appears we ran into some delays with the TSL move, so it’s been pushed back a couple weeks. He’ll know the exact dates by next week.
[2011/01/06 14:01]  Jeremy Linden: Second: There will be some teen-only regions after the move: Bonobos Isles 1-4

It appears that we will also be recieving some regions with a Teen-Only land rating. Something new that was unexpected.

It looks like we’re going to have to wait a little longer before our teen accounts are finally on the Main Grid.

7 thoughts on “Teen Grid Transition 2011 Delayed

    1. It’s sort of a mix. The recent TOS change allowed new teens 16 and up to register. Also, one of the teen grid residents managed to file a ticket to get transferred to the maingrid as a teen (the staff member who handled the ticket was probably misinformed).

      Was this update by Terrence in a blog post, or was it an inworld meeting?


  1. I’m hoping the delay was caused by the new CEO saying “you are going to let underaged minors see all the naked people in M sims next door to PG — are you ALL out of your minds or is there something hallucinagenic in the water?!”


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