Top 20 New Resident Places in Second Life

Check out my top 20 recommended new resident places to visit in Second Life. There are lot’s of new resident classes, new resident events and new resident tutorials every day to check out. There hundreds of amazing places in Second Life to visit on the Destination Guide which highlights the best inworld locations and Resident creations. The places listed on the Destination Guide are updated regularly with all kinds of different fun places to visit. Here are my top 20 new resident places listings:

1. New Citizens Incorporated

New Player, New Resident, Newbie, Noob, Beginner, Help, Basics, Information, Info, Questions, Freebies, Free Stuff, Clothing, Sandbox, Hangout, Newsstand, Ginny Gremlin Park, Mall, Events, Tutorials, Classes, Class, Education, Learn

2. Caledon Oxbridge University

Help. Lessons. Tutorials. Assistance. Helpers. New. Support.  People Helping People. Free Clothes. Building Area. Mentors. Guide. Guides. New Residents. Learning. Learn. Fun. Activities. The Independent State of Caledon Community Gateway.

3. the Shelter

A haven for those new to SL

4. London Hyde Park & Community Hub

London England, Help Island, Welcome Island, Help Center, Infohub, Orientation Island Public, The Dell Cafe London, Doctor Who, Live Events, Freebies, Speakers Corner, New Residents, Friendly, Fun, Chat

5. Virtual Ability

Home of the award winning Virtual Ability, Inc. orientation, training and information facilities for people with disabilities and chronic illness.

6. Destination Orientation

One of Second Life’s Gateway Into this wonderful world

7. Rockcliffe University

Classes, Workshops, Seminars, Training, Building, Scripting, Learning

8. Ahern Welcome Area

Whether you’re starting or are well-lived into your Second Life, hang out here with other Residents.

9. Violet Welcome Area and Infohub

A beautiful Japanese garden, a place to start your Second Life, find info, and meet other residents.

10. Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

A Self-Guided, Self-Paced, Comprehensive Building Tutorial.Library Contacts: Lumiere Noir & Avi ArrowAsk for Help:  Avi Arrow, Arbitar Basiat, Mouse Mimistrobell, Lumiere Noir, or Lost Prim

11. Help Island Public

Want to learn more about Second Life? Learn to script, learn to build, pick up Freebies on Help Island Public!

12. Help People! Island

Volunteer organization devoted to helping other residents, particularly newcomers.   Come visit, explore a beautiful sim, and make new friends.

13. The Particle Laboratory

FREE Full-Perm Particle Scripts and ON/OFF and TARGET helper scripts!  Explore our self-paced particle classroom with interactive visual demonstrations, sandboxes, Particle Textures Library and “The Porgan 1800” advanced particles console

14. Orientation Island Public

Need help? Want to brush up on SL basics or missed Orientation Island, you can relearn the tutorials here. Public OI

15. Builders Brewery

Free Classes, Textures, Full Perm, Builders Supplies, Scripts, Sculpts,  Sculpt Studio, Megaprims, SALT Hud, Glass Textures, Prefabs, Stained Glass, Craftsman, Steampunk, Builders Buddy, Freebies, Sculpties, Mesh Gimp Classes, Terrain Textures, Lighting


SL Orientation, Building Tutorials, Help for Newbies, Classes, Free Stuff. Advertise your business on the advertising billboard. Advertising space for rent in the oldest and most popular sandbox.

17.  White Tiger Help & Learning Island. New Resident Services.

A helping and learning community. Free shopping at the Medieval Village. Fantasy Learning Garden. Help. Helping. Gifts. Tutorials. Lessons. Classes. Art. Dancing.

18. GQ Start – New People Village

GQ Village, classroom with Instruction. freebie store: we give away what others sell, hangout, freebies, classes,education, New Player, Newbie, Beginner, Basics, Information, Info, cheap house rentals for newbies, clothes, hair, BOOTS!

19. SL Learning Centre

SLLC school offers classes on building sculpt gimp photoshop tutorials tools in secondlife.  Self paced classes learning how to build learn to build tutorial animation clothing fishing education university paintshop pro

20. Back to the Basics

All of these questions can be answered by visiting our tutorial building with many rooms


3 thoughts on “Top 20 New Resident Places in Second Life

  1. Wow, Daniel! This is a great list. Please pardon me while I steal this for my students who are newbies in SL.


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