My New SL Predictions For 2011

It’s that time of year again when everyone starts predicting next year’s happenings in SL and in RL. Here is my updated list for my predictions for 2011 in Second Life. Let’s hope its going to be a good one! 😀

  1. Mesh will finally arrive and everyone will be excited to use it
  2. Groups will be raised from 25 to 40
  3. Teen Grid shuts down & residents move to alternate grids
  4. New LL CEO starts work at Linden Lab
  5. Viewer 3 will be released
  6. Viewer 1 will be discontinued and everyone will complain about it
  7. Second Life to be advertised more worldwide
  8. Linden Lab will keep changing the new resident experience
  9. Major TPVs will switch over to using Viewer 2 based code
  10. There will be more shock announcements by Linden Lab
  11. Marketplace gets more integrated with the viewer
  12. 3-D viewer support introduced during 2011
  13. Linden Lab allows gambling to return to the grid
  14. New applications for the IPhone, IPad & Android devices
  15. New Lindens will be introduced to Linden Lab & SL starts attracting back former Lindens and Residents
  16. Search will finally work
  17. Using Second Life through a web browser becomes more common during 2011
  18. OpenSim will continue to grow stronger
  19. There will be well known regions and places that will leave SL
  20. Script memory limits will be forced to 2mb per avatar and land script limits imposed per sqm
  21. New competitors for SL will arrive

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5 thoughts on “My New SL Predictions For 2011

  1. Okay, I follow you on Twitter and usually love your blog posts, Daniel. But c’mon…

    Listing something that was already (and officially announced) is not a “prediction”. So “Mesh will finally come to the grid” is an announced intention, not a prediction. However, “search will finally work” can be a prediction, but that’s relative. Your lists are usually a lot more thoughtful than this. You are slipping, my friend!

    A good definition of prediction is “Linden Lab allows gaming to return to the grid, even if in a limited way”.

    So, based on this new definition all the SL bloggers are participating in, I have a prediction: “SL will get a new CEO early in the year and his name will be Donnie… Or something close.”



  2. @Thorgal: Yes, it’s that time of year again.
    @soror: I always play it safe. lol
    @Crap: It sure will be close & interesting to see what happens next year with a New CEO on-board the ship. 🙂
    @Bashful Pixie: Thanks for following me on Twitter and being supportive. I see what you are saying and I understand that. *makes improvements*


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