Philip Rosedale 2010 John Edwards Lecture Key Points

Last week Philip Rosedale went to the Tate Modern in London to talk about real architecture and Virtual Worlds. During the John Edwards Lecture, organized by the Architecture Foundation, Philip Rosedale said some interesting things including…

  • I didn’t want to build a video game or a social network
  • Interestingly, we still need walls and roof in Second Life
  • I wanted to see what the world would look like if you built it from scratch through a computer server
  • It is a real world, not an imaginary one. It is even an economic world. I wanted it to have a market dynamic
  • It’s pretty intrinsic in our nature; architecture may be more human than it is physical
  • These days the buildings may not look as great as the best render

On Philip Rosedale’s LoveMachine Blog he talks more in-depth about the experience at Tate Modern in London, click here. Check out Winy Maas of MVRDV talks to Second Life creator adding additional information. There is a gallery slide show of pictures which can found here on the architecture of builds. I don’t think there is any videos anywhere of this lecture but if there are any that you know of then feel free to share in comments. 🙂

Very interesting stuff!

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