Linden Lab Takes Down Teen Second Life Website

It appears that Linden Lab have taken down the Official Teen Second Life website as it no longer appears in Google Search Results. It now automatically redirects you to the Official Second Life website instead. It seems right to take down the TSL website as there’s less than 2 months to go until the official closing of Teen Second Life. Another interesting development by Linden Lab under the radar.

The TSL website was never really updated at all by Linden Lab since 2005. The countdown continues to tick down until the closing of the Teen Grid.


3 thoughts on “Linden Lab Takes Down Teen Second Life Website

  1. Hi Daniel, I love your blog. It came highly recommended. I have been trying to reach you (SL IM and notecard). I’m looking for a young writer who can write on teen issues in a reputable SL publication. Can you IM me (RoseCityRemona Skytower) or email me (remonasue on yahoo dot com)?


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