Delinda Dyrssen has passed away in RL

Just heard the very sad news that Delinda Dyrssen (SL resident) has passed away in real life. She was a great inspiration in Second Life and in real life. She was part of the Treet.TV team and became apart of music in Second Life. She was a wonderful force for SL.

SLURL – Remember Delinda Dyrssen here

Chestnut Rau, New World Notes event writer, has also created a new SL group you can join, Delinda Dyrssen Memorial: “This group is to organize a memorial concert to benefit her favorite charity and to honor her endless enthusiasm.” – NWN

A lovely person and we will never forget you. RIP Delinda Dyrssen! 😦


2 thoughts on “Delinda Dyrssen has passed away in RL

  1. Sad, sad new indeed! I spoke with Delinda within the week when she turned out to attend a show at Molaskey’s Pub. Delinda did a great deal to support the Live Music Community in SL. I, for one, will truly miss her! Be at peace, my friend….


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