SL Web Viewer Beta Email

Linden Lab have recently sent out a email telling everyone to help test the new web-based viewer but hundreds of SL residents or so are finding it hard to enjoy this experience like test this out. Why?..well many are viewing a banner with a Join Now button which is not the right one instead they should be seeing a Explore Now button that should appear. The preview clip which lasts 45 seconds should be a tutorial on how to use the web-based viewer in a browser and should not be showing us music videos. It should be tested by everyone first in beta then be released officially to everyone like we do with the releases of Second Life viewers. I do see alot of potential in this web-based viewer for SL and successful in the long term but I don’t think this is the best way of getting everyone to test it out. Agree?

17th November 2010

Latest reactions from SL residents about this new web-based experience beta:

  • It seemed to work OK
  • Pretty surprised that I didn’t lag much in it.
  • So I’m not missing out on much
  • I just tired it too and I’d love for this to be an alternate way to access
  • Runs pretty decently all right
  • SL web viewer!!! This is huge!
  • I’m not eligible
  • I really like the idea of simple access & cloud rendering,
  • Fun stuff!

Alot of folks have been saying this is only being tested in the U.S while some are saying it works near server locations. So what requirements do you need to run this beta test? Would love to know your thoughts, pictures or videos if you have any to share! 🙂


2 thoughts on “SL Web Viewer Beta Email

  1. My experiences and a video are up here – I’m in the UK, strangely I have no problems using the SL Web Beta, but if I try to sign up with Gaikai for their beta of their generic product, it fails on the tech tests. Maybe they relaxed the rules for the Sl Web Beta.


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