Easy Fix For SL Web Viewer Beta

Thanks to SignpostMarv Martin for pointing this out to me today there is a easy fix for the SL Web Viewer experience.

  1. Visit http://interest.secondlife.com/beta Wait for site to load up then:
  2. Replace the URL above with the following java link by visiting: typewith.me/EmSrDXPnFO

  • This forces the success dialog to show
  • Enter email and start exploring the new web-based experience (Works in Chrome & Firefox)
  • Enjoy

12 thoughts on “Easy Fix For SL Web Viewer Beta

  1. It doesn’t work for me, I watch the video, paste the link, then it asks me for my email address, i put that in, then it goes to the page where theres 4 squares that looks like a loading screen, then it tells me to Continue or Explore (Full Access), and clicking continue takes me back to the http://interest.secondlife.com/beta =/


      1. I get the same thing… tries to load then bounces out to the mentioned page.

        “continue” reloads the original page, “explore” takes you to the standard join page… no other options present (USA FF user in case you were curious)

        tried it at multiple times of day/night, so it’s something else stopping it… possibly a security setting, or an adblock filter… may check on it later.


  2. For me it says my connection is too slow with a error number next to it. It seems very limited and needs specific requirements to run probably which I have no idea what they are. In my opinion this connection issue folks are having needs to be fixed among other issues with this service. Other than that the videos and pictures i’m viewing is rather interesting.


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