Timeline of Viewer 2 Betas so far this year

For viewer 1.23.5 there is still no confirmation on when the support will end. The Snowstorm team works on the development of Viewer 2 and have been since SLCC 2010 during August 2010.

Release Schedule

Our plan is to update Betas weekly with new official releases happening every 3-4 weeks.

Do you prefer Viewer 1, Viewer 2 or another viewer ? Feel free to comment!

2 thoughts on “Timeline of Viewer 2 Betas so far this year

  1. Me again! 🙂
    And I still prefer Viewer2, would never use version 1 again.

    And NEVER any TPV again, I have absolutely NO trust in them.


  2. I love some of the stuff under-the-hood in viewer 2, but still find the interface to be absolutely awful.

    I’m having to use it to experiment with mesh and until they fix some of the real problems with it, there’s no way I could use it for general day to day SL.

    It’s not that it’s different, it simply can’t do half the things I’m used to (like find stuff in my inventory, by date). It’s like it’s been written for people who don’t build or socialise.

    I worry they’re going to roll out mesh before the TPVs are ready, because I honestly think I’d just stop logging in, it’s that bad.

    Which is a shame, because I really do appreciate some of the amazing things it can do. It just can’t do the real basics, which makes it a no go.



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