Inworldz Top Ten Places To Visit, November 2010

Check out my recommendation top ten places to visit in Inworldz during the month of November 2010. Click on the blue links to Teleport via SLURL and enjoy. Next month I will publish more cool places to visit. 😀

  1. Inworldz Welcome Area – New residents, freebies and mentors ready to help out
  2. InWorldz Sandbox – Build, test scripts, objects returned within 2 hours
  3. Alchemy Shops – Creativity Hangout of Inworldz Magicians, Scripters, Builders, Storytellers, Artists, and Avatars.  All are welcome. Creators Sandbox /Hangout for the exchange of ideas and creative content.  Studios of artists where you may find anything !
  4. Carillon Park – Paths, water, bridges, and lot’s more to explore
  5. Market Town of Victoria – Country vintage victorian homes for lease. This is a place where families can live, love and grow together. Market Place shopping, pavillion for parties, or family gatherings & Victoria’s Jazz Tavern provides the perfect setting for meeting friends.
  6. Victoria’s Passion – A Grand Ballroom where  there is a romantic atmosphere as Paulette Oldrich, Anna Bella and Lolo Ling  sing love songs and jazz, intriging all  within hearing distance. It is hard not to sway and swing to the beat.
  7. MH Creations – Pixie decor for gardens, landscaping, floral, flowers, trees, bridges, coral reef, fish, animatations for garden, garden explore, relax, strawberrys,, tree, garden sets with and without animations
  8. Stonehenge Temple – Heat up by the campfire and check out the candles on the tables
  9. Studio Nails Resort – Quality content from LONG time creators.  Home of the BEST Prim FINGERNAILS!  Revolutionary Fingernail HUD, glove nails, fingernails, menu driven nails, diamonds, jewelry, accessories, manicure, french, nails
  10. Raivynn’s Silks – Beautiful silks for women.  Next to Hawk and Raivynn’s Gothic Designs under the tent. Clothes, clothing, slave, sub, submissive, dance, women, woman, gor, medieval

Interesting stats: (4:25am SLT)

  • Viewer Version:
  • Total Users: 22, 064
  • Region Count: 680

4 thoughts on “Inworldz Top Ten Places To Visit, November 2010

  1. Do you think it might be possible InWorldz may eventually replace Second Life? I’ve heard that quite a few people are migrating over due to the merge, the lower prices and it being a little less limited (megaprims)


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