It's My 4th Rezday In Second Life!

Today, 31st October, 2010 marks my 4th rezday in Second Life. Wow, four years in Second Life and I’m still enjoying the experience. It’s funny how my SL rez day falls on Halloween but that’s what makes it extra special for me.

It was four years ago that I logged into Teen Second Life for the first time, and my avatar called Daniel Voyager was born. I have so many happy memories of my Teen Second Life experience and what I’ve achieved there over the years. As many know I transferred over to the Main Grid in mid December 2008 when I turned 18 years old to start my new adult life. I am looking forward to celebrating my 2nd year on the Main Grid in mid-December 2010.

Since December 2008 it’s been interesting, fun and enjoyable to explore the grid. I’ve met many great friends, became popular, took part in many things and shared my knowledge with others.

Here are pictures from my previous rezdays:

I love Second Life and will continue my adventures around the grid. I am looking forward to see what the next year brings me in Second Life until my 5th rez day and beyond that. Thanks for all of your support over the years. Happy Halloween 2010!

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