SL Economy, Q3 Metrics 2010

Nelson Linden has published theĀ The Second Life Economy in Q3 2010 metrics on the Official Second Life Blog yesterday. The Q2 SL Metrics were flat and Q3 SL Metrics seem to be flat but it seems to be a huge relief in some ways. Linden Lab no longer publishes data feeds anymore and redirects to the Quarterly Economic Report page.


Recap of 2010 Q3 Metrics

Most of the Q3 2010 metrics showed alot of decline and some of the metrics showed some stable growth.


  • As expected from the fluctuations in June, the average exchange rate of L$ per US$ rose 1.7% from Q2, or 2.5% year over year.
  • US$ value of all Resident-held L$ grew 1.2% from Q2, or 6.1% year over year. Although there may have been fewer economically active accounts in Q3, this suggests the L$ in those accounts did not exit Second Life.
  • Total sales volume on both Xstreet SL and the new SL Marketplace rose 8.5% from Q2 and grew 115.2% year over year. Note that the SL Marketplace was only in beta during Q3 and makes up less than 10% of total Q3 Web volume.


  • Average Monthly Repeat Logins fell 2.1% from Q2 but still rose 5.3% year over year.
  • User Hours fell 3.7% from Q2 and 11.0% year over year.
  • Active economic participants fell 1.0% from Q2 and year over year
  • LindeX volume in Q3 fell 3.8% from Q2 and 2.8% from Q3 2009.
  • Total world size fell 1.4% from Q2 and grew 7.2% year over year.