Second Life Blender Conference 2010

The Second Life Blender Conference 2010 will be streamed live from Amsterdam into Caledon Oxbridge in Second Life. The event will take place this weekend between Friday 29th to Sunday 31st October 2010, “everyone is invited to come, watch and discuss”. Check out the details including times, conference speakers and SLURL landmarks below.

Event Details

Live Stream at Caledon Oxbridge University (SL)
29th – 31th October 2010

The Caledon Oxbridge University will present the stream of this event inworld – live from Amsterdam. Everyone is invited to come, watch and discuss.


  • Friday, 29th October 2010 – 02:00 AM SLT/PDT
  • Saturday, 30th October 2010 – 01:00 AM SLT/PDT
  • Sunday, 31th October 2010 – 02:30 AM SLT/PDT


Further infos:

The Caledon Oxbridge University is located in the Independent State of Caledon, which is a 19th century Steampunk Victorian micronation within the virtual worlds of Second Life. The University offers ~40 weekly classes about building, designing, scripting and socializing, a tutorial about the SL-basics, help by many faculty members and a community for the students.

If you will enter Second Life the first time:



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