BURN2 – The Temple 2010 Short Video

Check out this new video of BURN2 – The Burn of the Temple 2010 in Second Life. Video uploaded on YouTube by Chandni Khondj.

  • A short Video of Burn 2 the Burn of the Temple, made of over 200 Snapshots.
  • Music from http://incompetech.com – Royalty Free Music

The Burning Man and Burning Temple events this year were totally awesome. I loved it and will look forward to next year’s Burn2 festival 2011. Alot of hard work went into this year’s festival in Second Life. Great work to all the BURN2 volunteers, management, builders and everyone else that have made this year’s burning life (burn2) 2010 event exciting. I hope you have enjoyed this year’s event and would love to hear your feedback in comments about this year’s BURN2?

BURN2 – The Man 2010 Machinima

Check out the amazing machinima of Burn2 – The Man 2010. Created by Debbie Trilling.


Burn2 Festival in Second Life October 2010

‘The Man’ created by Debbie Trilling, Elfod Nemeth, Gypsy Paz and Lorin Tone

Burn Times:
Saturday 23rd Oct 2010 Midday SLT
Saturday 23rd Oct 2010 8pm SLT
Sunday 24th Oct 2010 4am SLT

Soundtrack provided by:
The Burn2 Performers – Drum Troope,
‘Flagship Commander’ by Patrick Smith (Published by: Freeplaymusic, BMI),
‘Bring To Justice’ by Deborah DiFonzo (Published by: Debbie Does Music, BMI (50%), Freeplay Music, BMI (50%) )

Special thanks to Magician Glom