Day 6 at BURN2! 2010 in SL

It’s been 6 days since BURN2 2010 first opened it’s gates to the Second Life community to enjoy this year’s  festival. Since then I have been exploring alot of interesting unique builds around the 6 regions and has been impressed by the hard work that has gone into it all. I have been greeting visitors at the Burn2 Gate Road this year and that’s been awesome. It’s been fun, enjoyable and everyone has a great sense of humor at the gates this year.  Check out my snapshots of the BURN2 festival 2010.

Upcoming Man Burns Shedule 2010 (SLT)

  • Mini-Man Burn – 8pm to 9pm – 22nd October
  • First Man Burn – 12pm to 1pm – 23rd October
  • Second Man Burn – 8pm to 9pm – 23rd October
  • Third Man Burn – 4am to 5am – 24th October
  • First Temple Burn – 12pm to 1pm – 24th October
  • Burn2 Event Calendar 2010

Picture above: BURN2 Gate Road Welcome Area 2010

I have gathered feedback on BURN2! 2010 over the course of the week and here is what I have received so far:

  • YESSSSS loving it
  • I’m having a blast at Burn2
  • found a few really interesting builds, but right now i’m more interested in the people i have been meeting there
  • i’ve crashed a couple of times, but i’ve been there almost every night this week exploring
  • Not enjoying it as much as previous years
  • I hope we’ll have Burn3 next year!
  • I’m determined to have a good time, and enjoy the company of anyone who’s able to make it over
  • too much crashing and lag